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How to Power G10 From A Standard Pedal Board


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Upon buying my G10's I came across the minor problem of being able to power them from a standard Boss BCB 9v power supply and not cause fatal damage to the units.


I had a chat with the techie who does all my repairs and upgrades and this was the answer. 


A small PCB board with two fullsize USB inputs at one end and the ability to plug in one of the spare 9v power supplies at the other, but to do this you first have to snip the barrel connector off. The board is regulated so no more than the 5v that is needed will pass through.


The small board fits nicely in the channel were all your cables go, to stop the board from shorting on the metal casing of the pedal board it has been housed between some protector and also not shown on the photo's is two pieces of foam that sit at either end stopping any movement.


I also purchased a left angle 30cm USB to micro USB instead of the stock cable which was far too long.


Just to add, when I took these photo's the power cable going into the PCB hadn't been insulated.


Hope this helps some of you with the same problem.







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This was the solution for me. (See above link)

It's a cable with a Female USB jack on one end and prepared leads (red and black) on the other. It has a smaller molded converter box in line with the cable that can fit nicely under a pedal board.


Just solder or splice a pedal power plug onto the leads (make sure the black wire goes to the center of the plug, for the center negative convention) and you are done. I'm using it without problem on my Strymon Ojai. I tested it with a multimeter and it puts out exacted 5volts as advertised. I also compared the sound with a dedicated USB charger style power adapter and there was no difference.


I'll try to post some pictures.

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Found this on Amazon, just ordered one. Will update when I have it working.


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I have a Voodoo Labs brick that has a couple of outputs that can be dialed down as low as 4 volts using it's SAG feature, and I've read that that can be a way to get the G10 it's required 5 volts. My question is: how do we know if the brick's SAG output will provide enough current? At 9 volts it provides 100 mA at each output. But the manual doesn't say what it will provide at 5 volts. I also don't know what the max current draw is for the G10 when charging, so I'm concerned that any kind of conversion from a converted 9-volt pedal power supply (or using the Voodoo Labs SAG option) may not provide enough current.

I know people have been doing the conversion without apparent issue, but maybe the re-charge time is longer due to reduced current capabilities of whatever 9-volt supply is being used?


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On 11/28/2018 at 4:38 PM, chrisjs said:


What port on your power supply (V / mA) did you use?  Is it enough current to operate the G10?  Thanks!!

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