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Helix and DT25 using Return but Edit Loud HUMMM

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ISSUE RESOLVED.. Just a ground lift needed to be added to my computer and the hum is gone and everything works.




I just got a Helix and a DT25 yesterday. Figured out the Line 6 link ain't happing so I'm using the RETURN on the DT25 to bypass the pre's on the DT.  That seems to work but now I want to use the Helix Edit software via USB and I'm getting a LOUD hum noise coming from the DT25 like it's wide open and turning up/down the volume does nothing on the DT25 or Helix. 


I can still hear the Helix tones but the loud hum makes it useless.  


I tried to use the DT Edit software (unsupported) but it has not effect on the noise.


If I used the headphone jack on the Helix the hum is not there when using the Helix Edit software.


The issue is between the DT25 return and the Helix when it's in USB Edit mode.


Any ideas?





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