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L2M now same price tag as L2T???

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Sorry if has been already answered (didn't find anything about), but over here in Europe looks like L2M speaker has now same price as L2T, which is almost 40% more than previous price.


Is there any Line 6 official motivation behind that choice?

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Exchange rates play a big role in this... the UK Pound vs. the US Dollar, for example. The £ has dropped through the floor recently, so you can expect anything imported into the UK that is paid for in $ (or Euros) to cost a lot more. You may see the results in new vs. older stock first. The rate affects not just gear prices, but the additional import costs too, such as transport and insurance.

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Yes and no. :)


The product affected is JUST the L2M speaker. Anything else from L6 has any price change. ;)


In fact now L2M cost basically as L2T, which keeps its usual price.


I paid my L2m average 600 euros, few months ago. Now it cost more than 900 euros. Does not seems anything related to currency.

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It depends WHEN the product was imported, sometimes. So if there are good existing stocks of one item, but low (or no) stocks of another, the 'new' item will escalate in price much faster. I have just seen the price of one Gibson instrument rise by 2,000 Euros....since 2 weeks ago.

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