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No Audio On Sd Card

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I hope somebody here may be able to help.

Recently I recorded a gig with my m20d to a 32G SD card & fed 2 sub mixes to foh as I was limited to 16 splitters. At the end of the gig power was killed while the m20d was powered & still recording. I imported the files into the daw the next day, although all tracks were on the card & looked as the file sizes were correct for the length of recording there was no audio on any of the's not a case of lack of level as the sub mixes to the house mix were fine & I was checking inputs both visually & on headphones throughout the evening. I feel it may be that the table of contents was not written to the card due to the power being cut. I anybody has any ideas how to recover the data I would be delighted to hear them...........Thanks to all in advance 🔊

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Thanks Antonioctd...........I spotted the post just after I posted this morning........I have been using it since last November with no trouble except for not remembering the 48 volt supply on firmware 1.00, after the firmware update the SD Card seating developed a problem which I got around with a small piece of beer mat wedged in with the card to keep it connected.......all a bit worrying !!! What bothers me most with the loss of audio is that I know the data is there......if it was the stolen secrets of the CIA, I would be in jail & some boffin would write a new FAT & retrieve the data...........thanks again.


Some of the results I have had so far with the m20d ...delighted with the results....I just wish I could arrive at a venue with more confidence

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Can't open the link... It just goes to the youtube main page (not to any specific video or channel) . 


Yah, maybe some computer genius can retrieve the data. I don't know... I only play guitar   :rolleyes:  :D


Anyway, if you, by any chance, find a way to retrieve the data, all of us on this forum would thank you a lot for that information!  ;)

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I will be looking into this next week...if I have anything to report, it will be here, for sure, as this seems to be a problem for a few others.

The YouTube link was to my youtube page, here are a few direct links and as a guitarist I think you will like


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