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G10 cuts off WiFi in my house


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Okay, now I've learned that having the G10 receiver in my house (I don't know how far the problem goes, probably anywhere in the vicinity) cuts off my WiFi connection. I have to restart my router to reconnect any device--PC, phone, tablet, Apple TV--that connects by wifi, and I have to restart the router for EACH ONE to make its connection.


I've seen that other G wireless numbers have the same problem.


Okay, Line 6--what do I need to do to keep my WiFi and G10 from conflicting?


And a larger issue---does this mean that everywhere I go with my G10, WiFi connections are at risk? I go to a friend's house, set up my G10, and trash their WiFi connection? Play at a bar that has WiFi, set up my G10, and trash the bar's WiFi connection?


I see a real problem here.

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My wifi has been ok. What wireless router are you using (will give an idea of bands in question). How close is the G10 transmitter to your router. Sometimes if you are really close you can pass signals in unintended frequencies. Basically this shouldn't happen and as I meantioned with the proximity I really doubt you would have a problem at the bar.

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Change the wireless frequency channel your wifi router is using. Almost all routers, except for some really cheap ones or those included with your internet service, will allow you to select a channel for your wifi to use. They're set to "auto" by default. Change it to a manual setting, and try everything out again. You'll likely find one that doesn't interfere with the relay g10, and probably gives you better wireless coverage in your home.


Granted, the g10 should find a clean channel on its own. But, wireless frequency auto-selection isn't perfect.

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