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Dt25 Boost Through L6 Link?


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Is there a way to use a boost through L6 link (but not through the pod fx loop)?



I have Pod HD500 and DT25 working with L6 link but I'm also using HD500 with standard amps half the time.

I have also Xotic EP booster which I really like for the solo boost - after HD500 before the amp and it works great.



So if I use L6 link to DT25 I lose the ability to use it before the amplifier as usual and that is where I find it sounds the best.



Maybe there is some kind of connector or interface that I could buy or make that would allow me to do that and use EP booster in both configurations?

Did someone find a way around this?


Thank you!



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There are four:


1. I have something already in the fx loop (POG2).


2. I still wan't to use booster last in chain if in front of a regular amp  where it doesn't cause any clipping of the digital path but rather a real volume boost and nice tone.


3. Actually wouldn't that differ when on L6 link with DT25 if boost is last in the pod chain and not first hitting the preamp and then poweramp? I don't know...


4. In case of DT25 failure, I could use any standard amp available at the venue.



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It takes a couple of cables, but you could just put it in the DT25's FX loop....The send is the analog end of the link coming form the pod (end of the chain)...return is the power amp in....If the DT25 failed and you used another amp, then that might be HD500 1/4 out-> booster-> spare amp power amp in...I often run a DM3 in my DT loops...

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It is 100% digital.  Digital audio goes one-way, control information is two-way.  I don't think there would be any way to make a simple interface.  As spaceatl suggested previously, your best bet might be to use the DT25's FX loop.

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Thanks guys.

At least this clarifies things for me.


Best two options as I see it are....

a/ I'll have two identical set for DT25 with "virtual" EP pre and one for regular amp when I'll use the real one on the board if the DT goes down or I wan't to use a regular amp.

b/ to make secondary EXP latch pedal for boost control per patch. I should be able to do this even though it doesn't sound the same but I don't need a set list duplicated.


Shame I can't use it the way I use it with standard amp to slam the input....FX loop is not an option as I explained earlier.



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