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Gilmour's "Echoes" seagull effect with HD500


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Alas no. This is a idiosyncrasy of analog wha-wha pedals.. and older ones specifically.


Curiously enough.. I just saw the Brit Pink Floyd here in San Francisco. They are big Fractal users - so many tones to emulate. They did perform Echos and DID have the "seagull" effect going on. I suspect it was an old wha-wha patched in via an FX loop... as there is just no way really do to the trick in the "pure digital;" world.

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:(  :(  :(


I tried with the pitch glide, just getting something "similar" and it requires some practice with the pedal.

Maybe I'll have inevitably to add an analog wah on my FX chain....


Just to talk about theory ;), since wah is a linear electronic circuit,


it does have a linear transfer function (i.e. a linear model).

By Inverting input and ouput shouldn't a new transfer function result which is the inverse of the original?

Obviously, it should have a dedicated model.

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