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3 Sigma - Mesa Oversized 4x12 cabinet


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New to IRs and decided to try a pack from 3 Sigma. I bought the Mesa Oversized 4x12 and haven't had much luck with it..just doesnt sound that good. I'm trying to use it with the Cali Rectifier for a metal sound. Is there a trick to tackling these vs standard Helix cabs? Has anyone tried the oversized Mesa cab?

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Yeah. I own it and didn't care for it personally. Adjusting the high cut to about 8000 Hz makes it better IMO.


Their Mesa Road King cab sounds better to me with the Helix Cali. But honestly I don't use that one either.


You might also try the new Helix Fatality amp too. DI just confirmed that is is based on a modified Recto amp.

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I use these IR'S that I made of my Mesa Recto gear with my Helix Cali Rectifier amps (and others). They are NOT neutral, but still pretty flexible. I made them specifically for the Helix Cali Rectifier, but they work pretty well in other high gain amps, and now the Helix Fatality (modded Recto).


I own a Mesa Triple Rectifier and Recto 212 and I was not getting that sound from the Helix cabs or neutral 3rd party IR's.  I think there is an interaction between specific tube power amps and cabs that is missing in neutral IR's.  It becomes more apparent to me on high gain sounds. 

There is one mix of all 3 mics that is my current personal fav...MesRec212_MTR_Mix_D1_D5_D6.wav

Mesa Triple Rec amp and Recto 212 IR's folder.

Sound clip to compare the stock Helix Cali Rectifire factory Cali 412 cabs vs my Recto 212 MTR IR's. These were made with just the factory Cali Rectifire preset with stock cabs swapped out with my MesRec212_MTR_Mix_D1_D5_D6.wav IR.

Link to root IR folder

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The 3 Sigma Audio IRs are cool but I do find them to be a bit fizzy.  Combining the 5 and 1 helps though.  I would suggest checking out Ownhammer cabs.  They are the most neutral and flexible IRs out there IMO.

Or Redwirez. Both are great. I wanted to try the 3 Sigmas but I have read a bunch of reports of the fizzy issues. It all comes down to taste though. I may try the 3 sigma Morgan IR

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