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Mesa EQ


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So the thing that excited me the most about 2.0 is something I haven't seen a lot of chatter about - the 5 band eq from the Mesa Mark series.  There's a reason they can charge $250 for a pedal that is just a 5 band eq, it's pretty crucial to the sound of a Mark.  And also weird - centering around frequencies that many other eqs don't use, and having a Q than varies depending on where the slider is.*


So I would love to see someone make a video/soundcloud going to town on the EQ.  I do have one concern though:

So most people are familiar with the "Mesa V" that people often put into the eqs of their Mark.  But a "scooped mids" sound is notorious for sounding fizzy and hollow in a mix - see also: every early 80s metal album.  However, many famous/well-regarded guitarists use a V shape in the EQ of their Marks, like John Petrucci.  So I did some digging, and it seems that it's crucial where the EQ is in the chain.  


So it often (including in Petrucci's rig) goes like this:  First, boost the mids going into the amp, say with a tube screamer.**    But then, the Mesa EQ lies BETWEEN the preamp and power amp - so before the distorted sound hits the poweramp tubes, you scoop the mids out and boost the treble and bass.  For whatever reason, this keeps things hunky-dory in power-tube land, as well as putting back some of the lows you probably backed off to keep the preamp from getting "farty."***  


Trouble is, the Helix doesn't let you put things between the preamp and power amp of a full-amp model.  So if the Mesa EQ doesn't work quite that awesome post-amp I would love to see someone try it:

Between a dirt box and a full amp model.  or

Use a distorted Cali-pre model as a "pedal" in front of a clean Cali model, with the EQ in the middle (I've experimented with this sort of thing in the HD500 - and Chad Boston has experimented with it in the Helix on his Youtube channel)



*(details are a little fuzzy, but various forums around the net - especially those trying to build a clone of the eq pedal - support this) 

**There are various theories on why this works/is necessary when you're just going to take them out again, usually revolving around "boosted mids make preamp tubes do nice things"

***I have a hypothesis that a power amp is going to bring the mids back out again, by virtue of tube compression - or perhaps that too much mids overwhelms a power amp tube and they can get along just-fine-thanks with -6db of mids.  Just pet theories.  

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Huh. No, I was wanting to hear it on the Cali model, but I hadn't heard they made the new part of that model. That's potentially very exciting.


They modeled the Cali correctly, including the 5 band EQ.  I believe that they decided to 'break out' the EQ into a standalone effect afterwards.

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