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Helix Output impendance


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I would like to know the excat value cause I have made an external LED VU-meter that has two input level (Low, High) and whatever the input I select, it is very difficulte to set the variable resistor on the input to define the 0dB on the VU-meter. I think I have to change the variable resistor range but would like to know the output impedance of the Helix to determine the good input impedance of my VU-meter.

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Knowing the output impedance isn't likely to help much. You'll still need to know the maximum voltage swing of the output to calibrate your meter for the full scale output. The Helix output impedance is probably around 100 Ohms as it seems to be designed to drive into the line input of a mixer or rack, and lower values provide better noise performance.


You should design your meter with a high enough input impedance so that the output impedance of the Helix is no longer an issue. Then you can adjust your resistors to translate the maximum output drive level of the Helix to the maximum display on your meter, so the point of digital clipping (which you never want to hear) is sitting near the end of the "red zone".


Trying to measure a power transfer value on an output designed for voltage transfer isn't necessarily the best idea.

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