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How long of a USB cable is OK?


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I got my new Helix yesterday, and am having a lot of fun learning it. 


I upgraded to 2.0 using the provided usb cable, then spent last night making patches on the computer. It works great. All this talk of upgrade problems, and possibly usb issues (I'm on a mac), and I'm a little hesitant to change the cable. Problem is my amp/guitar setup is across the room from the computer. Is it ok to get a 12 ft cable, or even longer possibly? I noticed the provided cable has the little cylinder on it. Do I need a cable that has that? Has anybody sourced one that works?



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Spec may be 5 meters but you need a good quality cable to be reliable at that.  Most USB cables are not really good quality.


I would expect that anyone reasonably serious about recording/audio would use decent cables.   ;)

Note: You don't need to buy boutique cables to run 15'.


FWIW, I've built DAWs professionally for the past 20+ years.  Many thousands of hours of dealing with computers/peripherals as it relates to audio/video.

If there were an effective USB cable limit of 4' for audio interfaces, I'd certainly have experienced it.


Poorly shielded USB cables can induce noise...

I've seen that first hand with a Motif ES7.

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