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Vintage/transistor tape delays. Disappointing in at least one respect?

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Is it me or is this so "hard"? I don't know much about the Maestro® Echoplex EP-3 that the tape delay is based on but the Transistor tape delay can't do the trick below. And some pedals do an OK job at.


The real thing. A mod of 

Univox EC-80A 


Fractal does a respectable job. Not great but controllable:


Unlike the transistor tape delay (apparently) the new "vintage" delay, inspiration unknown to me does some pitch changing when changing the Speed. But it's very chaotic.


Why don't either one of these work as they probably should in this respect?

Would we need to have to have another model of a modded EC-80a for this cool effect?

Or am I missing an existing capability?


ALSO an Editor bug? On my Editor the Mix parameter is missing on the Vintage delay. I think a bug?




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Being an old guy, the tape echos I have owned (Maestro Tube & Transistor being two) the speed change did affect the pitch which some players seemed to like or at least use.  I never changed tempo in a song unless absolutely unavoidable when I was using analog.  With the Helix I can just have two patches preset without using the tap tempo if I want.  With the snapshot feature this isn't a waste of a block for me due to how the presets now work as well.  But YMMV. B)


And I have seen in another thread this is an issue in the editor.



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