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Helix " International (?) " Warranty Question ....... ?


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In short, the details are:-


- looking to buy a Helix Rack and Floor Controller here in Australia


- the current Australian owner bought it direclty from a USA retailer who shipped it to Australia for him


- he has the originals of the purchase papers / reciepts


My questions:-


-> if I buy it from him, will it be covered for normal, full warranty here in Australia by the authorized Line 6 service centers here in Australia ?


-> if yes, does the warranty period start from the purchase date  -or-  the date the unit is registered for warranty ?




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The answer isn't necessarily 'no', but the way the distribution works has changed since Yamaha became involved with Line 6. It may be the case, or maybe they care more about the success of the brand than just keeping a local private distributor happy. However, with a product like the Helix, there are local standards/regulatory bodies that required submissions that cost money, and that may cause a problem with just offering local support for all international products (depending on who has paid for that, and how the distribution chain works).


It can't hurt to call the local Yamaha/Line6 service centre and find out if they'll repair your product or not. And if so, would they charge you directly, or will it be covered under some kind of warranty (or at least as a 'good will' repair).

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It was certainly a no when Line 6 owned Line 6.......had issues with a Variax I bought from the US (Im in Melbourne).

Hopefully Yamahas distributor here has a different view, but you would have to contact them and ask.

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1 hour ago, Arnab said:

Did u have any issues with power? I mean there is a voltage difference between us and aus

The Helix has a universal, auto-sensing internal power supply. It will operative at any voltage from 100 - 240V.

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