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Carvin DCM2004LX and TRX12N for FRFR rig


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I dunno why I get excited about finding alternate FRFR solutions. But this one really seems to punch a lot of tickets and might be the ultimate tweakable FRFR rig.

It has been a while since I've looked at Carvin for anything. While I was down the FRFR /PA engineering / RTA rabbit hole, the DCM amps with Xdrive really caught my attention. They have preset-able and recallable DSP, including 30 band eq, 4 band parametric, high & low pass, in a 10 lb 2u chassis.

Then I looked at their 33lb TRX12N neo 12" coaxial, bi-ampable, pole mountable monitors which seem to have an incredibly flat response. Passive crossover is at 2.5k which is the same as Mission Gemini. But being bi-ampable, you could seriously fine tune them with that 4 channel DSP eq/crossover amp. The amp has presets for the Carvin speakers too.

The amp and 2 monitors are $1557 and they have a 10% off coupon. So the whole rig would be $1400, less than Mission Gemini 2.



Feel free to say I'm deleriius at this late hour, but right now this rig makes a lot of sense in terms of features, quality, flexibility and longevity. It actually feels like a lot of bang for the buck.

Anyway, maybe yet another FRFR option for us. Need a sanity check from the group on this one though.





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It just depends on how OCD one is about their tone...;)


Seriously though, there's no reason to think that it wouldn't sound good. In the end, folks seem to be getting good results with a wide variety of FRFR options. But personally, I don't want another layer of tweakable settings. Getting my patches squared away is time-consuming enough. The only thing I touch on my L2T is the power switch...occasionally the master volume knob, if it gets moved from "12 o'clock" in transit.

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I think the amp has presets for those speakers, as well as other Carvin speakers.  Obsessive tweaking is optional.  Nice to have the option though.  I think most tend to find flaws and imperfections in their gear over time.


Also I think those models have been around a few years.  Might even find some on the used market.

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