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SD Card 'full' when it's not...

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I had this issue for the first time last weekend when trying to recording our gig. I removed files from the SD card on my iMac prior to the gig so that 32GB was available. The recording stopped after a few seconds with an error message along the lines of 'SD card full'. How can I prevent this from happening again? Is it a case of reformatting the SD card before each use? Any advice appreciated. Thank you! Malc 

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I'm on a Windows system and I don't know if this is true on Macs also but.......


I've encountered this with removable media devices before, not just in the context of Stagescape. After deleting the files on the card I often have to 'empty trash' in order for the data to be cleared. After deletion, and until trash removal, the data is still recoverable and hence still occupies space in the card's directories.

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I ran into this problem. After deleting the files on my Mac, I thought it would free up the space but it did not. Do as Silverhead says or pop the SD card into a PC and you'll see extra directories on there to remove.

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With my cameras I always download image files by copying them to a hard drive. (Copying saves some time as opposed to "Moving" the individual files.)


After I've saved the files to a storage device, I then re-format the SD card INSIDE the device that will be used to create the new files. This gets rid of everything that's there, including any hidden files that may be lingering around.


If you reformat a data card using a computer and then plug the card into a camera or recording device, the newly reformatted card may not be completely compatible with the device it's being used in. That can result in lost data or other types of failures. By formatting inside the device intended for use you avoid potential problems.

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