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XD-V75 rechargeable batteries

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Dear all,


Been using an XD-V75 for around 2 years with absolutely zero issues. 

Just a question....... Does anyone use rechargeable batteries in theirs ?. I only ask as I tried rechargeables early on and they drained in around 20 minutes. Since then I have used Duracell alkalines which work great. The only concern I have is if Alkaline batteries fall out of favour with the tree huggers what can I use in the way of rechargeables.


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated............... Even from a tree hugger  :)



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I've been using Duracell 2500mAh 'Durablock' rechargeables (the green ones, if you amazon search "Duracell 2500mAh Pre Charged Rechargeable AA Batteries" you'll get them) in our XD-V55 for a while now and they're great - still get about 6 hours or so on a full charge, rather than about 7+ we used to get on 'normal' ones. 

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We use Amazon 2400 mAh batteries in all our Line 6 wireless gear.  We have five V70 and V75 mics, three G50's and a G70 - the Amazon own brand batteries work in everything with no issues at all.  Battery life is longer than any of our rehearsal sessions - so five hours at least.  We have a "smart charger" so everyone sticks their batteries on to charge when they leave and they are ready for the next practice without being overcooked.  Works rather well. 





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We have used NimH batteries for years in our systems, and we have at least 24 v75 mics. We purchase them from Thomas Distributing, both the batteries and the chargers that charge 8 at a time. The brand that we have had the best luck with has been the PowerEx 2700's, but we have used other brands as well, including Duracell. The display's on the mics usually report more time than you actually get out of them, it seems I read this was normal compared to regular barreries. I will add that all of our mics are set to the powersave setting, which works fine, because our microphones are usually within 50 feet of the receiver.....

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Every rechargeable battery I've tried so far has been too big to fit in to the beltpack (or maybe not too big to go in but definitely too big to get back out again!) Less of an issue with the handheld of course.


Is there any rule of thumb to identify batteries that do fit? Are some manufacturers better than others at making cells the right size? Is it only the really high capacity batteries that are too big?

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