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Helix effect bypass state


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After being a long long time Fractal owner Ive made the move over to Helix and for the most part I love it.

Im mainly using the Helix in 4CM so for me its all about the effects.  

What I miss is running parallel effects with the ability to assign whether the effect is simply byassed when off or muted.  

Maybe Ive missed something but when an effect is off it simply passes dry signal through it which is no good for parallel signal chains.


Is this possible with Helix? 


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Hi all,

in some patches I'm using the Helix also in 4CM with a Mesa dual rectifier (it has a pure parallel effects loop).

so, because I have a Helix delay block in the Mesa loop I need to mute the delay when it is bypassed (to prevent direct sound from both delay and mesa)

Actually I'm using a Volume block just before the delay set to volume 0 when on

then I'm controlling the bypass of both blocks: when delay is on the volume is bypassed, when delay if off the volume is 0.

this is working, but I'll try your suggestion as well because it sounds quite simple.


Anyway I think the mute in bypass should be a property of any block: hope to find it in a future release.


Thank you!

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