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Replacement X3 Live

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Recently my POD X3 Live stopped working; I had an electrician look at it and he found out that the power switch wasn't working so he's sorted that for me - so I can use my X3 again; but it brought home how old it is and that I should probably replace it but here's my problem.

These are the amp models that I use on my X3; exclusively in a Dual Tone setup with each amp panned 80% left/right.

2002 ANGEL P-Ball (2002 ENGL Powerball ch2)  - not on the HD500X
2002 Bomber Uber (2002 Bogner Uberschall) HD500X

2002 Bomber X-TC (2002 Bogner Ecstasy)  - not on the HD500X

1985 Cali Crunch (Mesa/Boogie Mark II-C+)  - not on the HD500X

2003 Connor 50 (2003 Cornford mk50h)  - not on the HD500X

2002 Criminal (2002 Peavey® 5150)  - Pay to Win HD500X

2003 Deity Crunch (2003 Diezel VH4 ch3)  - not on the HD500X

2003 Deity Lead (2003 Diezel VH4 ch4)  - not on the HD500X

2003 Deity’s Son (2003 Diezel Herbert)  - not on the HD500X

2001 Diamond Plate (Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier ch3)  - not on the HD500X

2001 Treadplate Dual (Mesa/Boogie Dual Recitifier ch3) HD500X

2001 Zen Master (Budda Twinmaster)  - not on the HD500X



The Firehawk has the models sure, but it doesn't have Dual Tone.

So from what I can tell there's no upgrade path from the X3 without loosing functionality; unless the firehawk has some secret way of doing dual tone?


Anyone have any comments about this?



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It's about quality over quantity. The HD500X has much better amp modeling allowing you to produce a wider variety of tones from each amp. I believe most users who went from the X3 to the HD series are glad they did, and they don't feel like they are missing out on the X3 tones.


And Helix is better yet, though admittedly much more costly.

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