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POD HD Pro and Matrix gt800fx power amp

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Hey everyone, 

So I have just jumped ship from a 100w stack to the pod hd pro...  AND I LOVE IT!! :D

Today I have received my case and matrix power amp and have just realized that I have no idea which order to safely turn the two units on... (Gulp).


I really don't want to damage any of my gear or cause unnecessary pops. Please Line 6 users, I would be forever greatful if somebody could help me with this confusion.



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The general rule of thumb is to and power things UP from the inside out, and power DOWN from the outside in. All connections should be made before anything is powered up, and disconnected after everything is powered down. 'In' and 'Out' are the direction of the signal chain - from sound source (In) to speakers (Out).


For example, when powering up you start by connecting all the components to each other with no power. First you turn on any instruments, then any pedals or processors between instruments and amps/mixer, then amps, and then the mixer. Finally you turn on the mains/speakers.


When powering down you do the exact reverse. Turn off the mains/speakers first, then the mixer, then amps and finally the pedals/processors and instruments.


So, assuming you are connecting the HD Pro outputs to the power amp inputs you would turn the HD Pro on first then the power amp. When powering down you turn off the power amp first then the HD Pro.

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Silverhead is right on the money.   I run basically the same setup -> POD HD PRO X into a GT800FX.  FYI - The GT800FX will make a pop in the speakers each time it powers up.  Matrix does acknowledge that this will happen and that it is normal.  I have had 0 issues with this setup.

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