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FBV shortboard mk2 rj45 mod to connect to a non line6 amp

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Hi, I've recently purchased the FBV shortboard mk2 to replace my beringer fcb1010 as a midi control pedal. As I'm a violinist none of Line6's amps are really suitable for me, but I'd love to take advantage of the functionality the rj45 port enables.


There seems to be a bit of info regarding using non line6 foot pedals via rj45 with line 6 amps, but not the other way around.


Is anyone able to help out with how it should be wired?


Thanks heaps

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Don't do that.


FBV is designed to work with Line 6 gear. Check the user manual

and Knowledge Base here in the Forum area for more info.

What is it I shouldn't be doing?


Are you saying I shouldn't use the FBV as a midi controller or that I shouldn't try to utilise the functionality of the rj45 port? Can you give me a reason, other than


"FBV is designed to work with Line 6 gear" as to why i shouldn't be able to utilise for instance the tuner functionality of the FBV? It would obviously be a simple mod, so


why would I not do it? Are you suggesting it will break the FBV, or my that seems pretty ridiculous

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The only way I have heard is to use the FBV Control software.

Thanks, yeah i've already got the midi control side sorted via usb with the control software. I was hoping there was a way to use the tuner functionality also, which would require a mod to the rj45 cable.



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