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L2m distorted speaker sound but switch off and on clears it

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My setup:


JTV59 -> VDI -> HD500 -> l6link -> l2m


I gig occasionally and my L2m is not used that often and when transported it is carefully carried and placed in the boot of a car and it has a protective padded cover. I have had the l2m for 2+ years now and not had any issues with it other than the well documented vibration problem when I first got it which was fixed under warranty.


The problem:


The last two times I have taken the L2m out to a gig and a rehearsal, and connected it up as shown above, when I first play a chord on my JTV59 using a patch on my HD500 for a clean guitar sound, I get the guitar sound plus a distorted fuzzy sound which sounds like the l2m speaker has blown or is about to die.  I then switched the l2m off - and only the l2m, leaving the HD500 still plugged in and connected and the JTV59 connected to the HD500 - and when I switched the l2m back on it had cleared the problem and I was getting the expected clear sound from that patch.


Also at this point I haven't proved beyond doubt that it is the L2m at fault but I do know that switching if off and on does resolve the problem so it does point towards the L2m being the issue.


This has now happened twice.  I will test it some more over the weekend but meanwhile I wanted to ask whether anyone else has had this problem or a similar problem?  And whether or not they resolved it or if it got worse and had to be sent off for repair?






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Weird...though it seems unlikely that it's a blown speaker. Cycling the power wouldn't remedy that. Only thing I can thing to try would be connecting the POD with a 1/4" cable instead of the L6 Link, and see if you can reproduce the problem that way. Good luck.

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It might be that the cable used for L6L is tired and not getting a good connection or that the two units are not synching properly.  Restarting the speaker causes the link to reset and it gets a better connection.  Perhaps ensure that the HD500 is fully booted before switching on the speaker?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks for the comments.


Finally got around to trying it out at home briefly but did not manage to recreate the problem.


I always connect the HD500 to the L2m first with the L6 link cable. Then I connect the power supply to the HD500 and power it on. Next I connect the VDI to the HD500 and plug in my JTV - and finally I power on the L2m.  Never had an issue before - just the two most recent times that I gigged - and now it seems to be fine at home.


So the mystery continues - I hope it doesn't come back to bite me at our next gig......

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One time I had an issue with the M20D and one of my L3M's during a gig. That one speaker sounded awful. We took a break and I swapped out the cable (was using a short XLR cable versus an AES cable) and the problem has not reoccurred since. It's been at least 2 years. I was not able to recreate the problem with that cable at home so I'm not sure if it was the cable or just that it wasn't properly seated into the speaker. I do wish they would click in as I have had someone accidentally pull one out. 

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  • 3 months later...

This has not occurred for some time then suddenly at rehearsal this week it kicked in when I switched everything on.  First strum of the guitar and horrible distorted sound sounding like the speaker had broken.


So I simply powered off the L2m and then powered it on and everything returned to normal.  I did not reseat any cables.  Weird.

What concerns me is that I do not know what triggers it - and I don't know whether next time it happens that a power off, power on may not actually resolve it.

So far so good - so I hope my luck holds out.

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