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Expression Pedal Squeak


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I've been using my Firehawk FX regularly since I got it last year and the expression pedal has developed a consistent squeak (I do a lot of volume swells in my playing and use it very heavily).


It seems like nothing a little appropriately applied lubrication won't fix, but I'm not sure where or how I should be doing this sort of maintenance. I hesitate to take things apart, but equally hesitate to squirt WD-40 on any exposed portions of the expression pedal.


Has anyone else had this happen and had success in lubricating the expression pedal to get rid of squeaking?

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My Firehawk is the 2nd unit (replacement) whose expression pedal makes the same squeak as the first one did. Because I used the first one less than two months, the noise does not appear to be caused by heavy use of the pedal but by how it is made.


It is not a big deal when the full band comes in, but it is a problem when you do a quiet intro/solo with your pedal. I had previously given a suspicious look at the pianist whose sustain pedal squeaked, but he now looks at me in the same way!

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No squeak as such, but I have had to adjust the tightness of the assembly to get it to function correctly. Rather than using lots of WD40 (which should work for a simple squeak but bad for electronics) try loosening and re-tightening the pivot assembly.

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Adjusting the tension of the pedal did the trick, just easing off a little was enough to smooth it out again.


Unfortunately in my curiosity, I adjusted it too loose and the nut and other pieces holding it in place fell off, so I ended up taking it apart and reassembling the pedal. I took some pictures of the process so if anyone is interested in knowing what things look like under the hood I can share.


I was able to reassemble it and it's back in working order with no ill effects (and no more squeak).


For the curious, holding it all together are the following components

1 bolt

1 nut

1 metal mounting piece (to hold the nut against the mouting posts)

3 thin white plastic washers

2 thick white plastic washers

2 metal washers

1 black mount (to screw into the frame)

These components run through two mounting brackets on the pedal, and a tube mounted to the frame.


I'd love to know if I got the pieces back in the right place (since things started coming apart when everything was still encased and non-visible). I put it back together as:

Bolt -> thin white washer -> black mount -> thin white washer -> bracket -> metal washer - > thick white washer -> tube -> thick white washer -> metal washer -> bracket -> thin white washer -> metal mounting piece -> nut

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