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I've got a Trio+ that I've been using to practice with. Up until I got my XT Pro, I used a Boss GT3 in the effects loop of the Trio+. I can do the same with the XT, but it's rack mounted and I hate to have to run the guitar into the front of the unit. Is there any way I can use the line level input in the back? My guitar needs to run into the Trio+, then a line needs to go from the Trio+ effects loop out to the front of the XT, then the XT signal out goes to the Trio+ effects loop return and a fourth cable goes out to a speaker. Basically what I've heard called the "four cable" setup. Why do I need to run the signal in from the back of the unit? Because it's rack mounted and inconvenient to have to run the signal line to the front of the unit. Everything inside is board mounted, so it's not like I can just swap the input jacks around. I wish it were that easy. Any suggestions on how I can get an instrument input in the rear of my XT Pro?

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I believe its a setting you have to select to get it to "input" at this jack. You push the tuner button then you rotate one of the dials and it then changes from "guitar" to "line in" just like selecting what your going to run it into "the front of a combo" or "line out to a power amp"


I think one you select that you can run that input. What i wonder is if the front DB switch will work on the output in the back?


That Trio has like 3 different outputs i would think one of the 3 would work, one says "mixer" isnt that a "line level"?


Here is how mine works, push "tune bypass" then turn the "select page" knob one turn to the right then you see the "input" high lighted once its high lighted then turn the other knob "effect tweak" to select what input your wanting to use. You can use anything as the input SPDIF, Aes left or right or L+R and SDIF L+R I think the levels you can select also, not sure how to change that though right on the back of the unit it says it can be selected for +4 or -10db that should get you a level you can use. 

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