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DT and Helix Midi - How to video


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Hi Gary

Thank you for this video. I've just received the Helix and I am keen to try this with my DT25.

If I may - and sorry if it is a dumb question - following your guideline does this permanently disable the DT's internals settings or is it only on a patch-by-patch basis, and once the Helix is disconnected the amp reverts back to its original state?

I use the DT by itself for recording sometimes and would like to retain that functionality if I can.

Thanks for your time

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The DT stays in whatever state you put it in until you change it. When you disconnect the Helix, the DT settings will remain whatever they were.  To change them from there you either need to plug the Helix back in and load a patch that calls up new settings or use an editor like DTEdit to change them.

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