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L3t speaker buzzes when running to desk

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Hi I'm running a variax guitar through my firehawk fx and out to a stagesource lt3.

All is fine at rehearsal , happy with the sound, volume etc

But at a couple of gigs recently I tried to run into the pa desk from the "mix out " xlr on the lt3 ( I figured this would sound more like what I intended than micing up the speaker. Problem is I get a fairly loud buzzing sound from the lt3 as soon as the channel is switched on, anybody know what's causing this?

At the first gig the sound guy got around it eventually but I don't know what he did, I just put it down to him doing something wrong his end.

At the second gig a different sound guy couldn't fix it so ended up being miced


Any ideas guys?

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I would start by checking the signal level coming from the L3t Mix Out XLR connection. I don't know if it is dependent on the L3t Master volume level but I expect so. Your output signal may be too hot (or not hot enough) for the PA desk input. Any adjustment to the L3t Master level will require a compensating adjustment of the incoming level to the L3t from your Firehawk FX.

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OK so I just read through the instructions again and I may have used the wrong output.

I should be using the "loop through output"?

My guitar effects pedal is connected to the line in jack by the way.

I'll try the other output at next rehearsal but I doubt I should get buzzing when using the " mix out" as I have nothing connected to any of the side panel inputs and I had all those volumes and controls at zero

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From the manual:


13. Loop Thru Output –This output duplicates the signal received at the Line input jack.

14. Mix Out Output –This output sends a mix of all three channels (Channel 1, Channel 2, and back panel inputs)


Sounds like the Loop Thru would be best in your case.

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Yeah there's a ground lift button on the firehawk pedal which I tried with no success, I didn't have any control over what was going on at the desk and lack of time to try things out was a big factor as we only had a 15 minute changeover, but I figure the problem must be my end as I had the same problem at 2 separate gigs

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