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Favorite distortion model


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Which of these do you use, and with which amp model?  Do you use a separate OD pedal in the effects loop?     So far I've mainly used the tube drive, screamer, overdrive and Line 6 drive.


Tube Drive
Classic Dist
Heavy Dist
Color Drive
Buzz Saw
Facial Fuzz
Jumbo Fuzz
Fuzz Pi
Jet Fuzz 
Line 6 Drive
Line 6 Distortion
Sub Octave Fuzz
Octave Fuzz

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Originally, I was always drawn towards the Line 6 Drive. Then I started using the Tube Drive, which is what I just automatically go for now, even with Helix. Whatever amp I might be using doesn't get to influence or change my use of the Tube Drive.

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9/10 its a TS, but I have to say due to all the Tube Drive chatter its pretty nice too.


The Rat clone has a nice bit of edge to it as well (Classic D?).


and the Octave fuzz is a blast with a 7-string..... inna-gadda-divida vibe. :P

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Heavy distortion is my favorite, on the old JCM800 amp, and on the divided 13 and dr. z. Other than that, the octave divider is an awesome tool I use together with bassman or the 45, and the color drive or jumbo (i don't remember) to get the page's tone, together with the supro amp.

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 Better to select the high gain amp that sounds right to me has a slight tonal quality improvement.


For tonal dynamics from clean or crunch to a lead tone then my fav is still the screamer but I s'times find even overdrive or classic just sits right. 

Of course tube drive is always good too.


For recording different guitar parts it is good to go for tones with very differing tonal patches to aid good separation in the mix otherwise you have to go for very obvious sub octave or pitch shifting to add a tone that cuts thru or severe EQing which can sound unnatural.


I mention it as tonal definition is lost no matter what the distortion engaged is, seems to be the profiling resolution in the HDs.


Less is more sometimes

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I like the screamer and tube drive but I like the others too.


I was just fooling around with using the amps distortion by controlling the amps drive and volume with the on board pedal and I think I'm liking the gradual distortion I can get in around the middle of the pedal range. I can go from clean to heavy duty distortion from min pedal to max pedal and I use the guitar's volume to tame it even more. I was using the SLO 100 Overdrive and Bomber Uber. I adjust the cab (low cut 100, res 50-100, decay 0, thump 60, sag 0, hum 0) and run studio direct. I toy with the cab setting's to find different tones. Usually use off axis sm57 but try different cabs and mic combos.

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Just dug out my POD HD Bean for the first time in quite a while - thought i'd test my gear through my new Vox AV60 amp ( pedals = good , Boss ME80 = good (even the Amp models, surprisingly ).


Plugged the POD directly into the fx loop and dialled up a couple of "cleanish" amp models ( mainly Bassman, Vox AC30, Dr Z and a Plexi ) and tried a few of the OD/DS sims.


I found that I really loved the Tube Driver & Tube Screamer the best. The RAT sim was really good into the Vox and the Plexi ( when they were set to "edge of breakup" ). The Tube Driver was great into the Bassman and Dr Z and the Tube Screamer was excellent into all of them when used as a "low gain / boost"..

Also tried the TS as a boost into the Marshall JCM (new version) .... got THE cranked Marshall tone.

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Overdrive (Drive 2 to 5, Output 8 to 10) > Plexi (Bass way down, Treble and Presence up a lot, mid to taste) > T75 cab.


Like the Tube Drive and TS for some things but seem stuck with above in most cases. Also like the Angel for shred.

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