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Using Aux in & Guitar in at the same time


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Hoping this might help someone else.

I was just having some practice fun with this little amp and modeling. I made a dual path and set up a nice dirt amp to take the path to the Aux input on the Spider Jam. Then on the other path sent another cleaner amp to take the path to the guitar input on the Spider Jam and set the model to the "green" clean amp, without playing with the SJ's amp model tone stack.

In order to get both paths on the SJ to work separately I had to make sure the record setting was set to 'Mic".

I had the HD500 master at 50% and the SJ master set to 50% also.


The HD500's output was set to Studio Direct and the Input 1 Guitar > Input 2 Variax.

Since the SJ can only record either the guitar in or mic/aux at one time I can record micing the amp with another device such as my X3 Pro, which I still have to try micing it.


Has anyone else done this sort of thing yet with the Spider Jam?

Just trying something different and figured I would share it, carry on.


Example patch >



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Yes....Ive experimented with recording that sounds awesome to split a single like that...but even better is two seperate amps.


It id also fu to record direct in the line six while micing you two very different tones that are fun to blend. If only an update made it record mic/aux and guitar... If only you could import wav to song and not to a needed track.

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