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HD500x is making my amp quieter


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Hey guys, I was hoping to get some advice for a problem I'm having.


I use my POD HD500x with my amp's head using the four-cable method ( Since I've been using it like that, it's been great with no problems at all.

But recently my amp became too quiet to hear over the drums, and I've had to crank the volume to around 1 o'clock, while previously keeping it at around 8 o'clock would be plenty loud. I thought perhaps it was time to change my tubes (it was gonna have to happen one day anyway), so I retubed the head, and tried playing today and it was still too quiet.


The amp's probably not the issue, because it is still very loud when I plug the guitar directly into the input

If I use the amp, and in the FX Loop use a noise gate (fx send -> gate -> fx return), it's still just as loud

If, in the FX loop, I use the POD, it makes it very quiet, even when my guitar is going directly into the input. So if I use a noise gate on the POD and put it in the FX Loop (fx send -> pod with only gate -> fx return), it's quiet, but as soon as I unplug it from the FX return, it's back to being loud.


This makes me think that there might be something wrong with the POD, but when I practice at home using headphones it's fine. I've also checked to see if it's my cab, by swapping it with a different head (it's not) and if it's my head, by swapping it with a different cab (also not the issue).


As far as I can remember I haven't touched any of the settings on the POD, the master volume is always to max, etc.

I've attached what my settings are on the POD just in case, but I don't think that has anything to do with it, as I haven't changed anything and I really like the setup.


If anyone can offer me some guidance or help troubleshooting it'd be much appreciated. I've got a feeling that nothing is actually broken, but I'm stumped.



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Hi, I use the 4CM and the following aspects can lower the sound/gain/db and you will feel it as you described:


1) Guitar IN-Z: I suggest you check and use 1M. 

2) In the Mixer, when using the 4CM, I suggest to give +3db in each path since the FX LOOP looses a few Db (-5Db or something... you can google this and you will find a lot of explanations)

3) Guitar input: 1-Guitar 2- SAME.  Another big issue to discuss. While a lot of users suggest to use "VARIAX" on input 2 (to get less noise/hum) this somehow can cause of drop of db's if your first pedal of the chain is not a MONO effect. I suggest you use "SAME" option.  (Again, you can google this and you will find a lot...)

4) Check again if you haven't moved the FX LOOP BLOCK to a different position. This affects a lot your tone and the volume. Remember that the FX LOOP BLOCK is your AMP's PREAMP, I placed it after the "MIXER" and sound goods to me (but this is just me, you can do it your way)

5) Check if your AMP has a "MIX" knob for the effects LOOP, when using the 4CM it must be at 100%


That's basically... This is how I use my POD (just me!)



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