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How Do I Connect Pod Hd300 To An Amp?


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If anyone can help with this I would appreciate it.

More specifically, what I want to do is to go from my POD HD300, bypass the pre-amp on the tube amp. 



What I also already know is that in order to get decent tone from this method I need to select the amp model as PRE-AMP on the pod, set output mode to LIVE and set the output mode on the pod to ComboAmp or StackAmp. I usually play a Stack with 4x12 marshall cab, but sometimes a combo. I know HD300 has the ability to disable cab models now, so I would like to try this out so that I use only the PRE-AMP of the HD model along with the effects i.e. Screamer, EQ etc. and w/out Cab modelling to colour the tone coming out of the speaker, and only the POWER AMP of the Combo/Stack (Assuming the amp has an FX Return of course).

But Im just a little confused as to how I explicitly go about doing this. 

For instance, HD300 does not have an FX loop....so what do I do? What are my options?


If someone could provide me with possible signal chains for HD300, like exactly which inputs and outputs I need to use and what I have to consider when it comes to volume/tone/signal chain because of having no FX loop on the pod. 


I'm told that I may need a dummy plug because there is no FX loop on HD300? is this correct?


Thanks for your time



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just go out of the hd300.... into the effects return of your AMP...

if you don't hear a sound... plug a cable into the guitar input on your amp (or a dummy plug... won't matter what because the pre-amp/input will be bypassed)

that's it.... other than plugging in your guitar to the 300.... no return etc from the effects loop

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left or right are both mono outs either is fine.


Depending on your amp the best tone might integration might not be what you'd expect.


I have a few amps and one sounds better with PwrAmp selected as output the other studio direct. Another combo, Depends on the amp


toggle the live/studio switch etc as well, though on the 300 if I recall it is night and day tone wise.

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Thanks for your reply!

Oh don't worry I have no illusions about what it would sound like :)


I'm really just wanting to know so i can experiment a little and also for versatility, and if I'm honest, for convenience; usually when I play a gig and just opening for bands,  the other bands will bring amps and let us use them if theyre generous. I'm not too fussy when it comes to tone, I can pretty much play through anything. If not, then I usually just go through FOH/PA and use floor monitors as well. But I just figured I'd like to experiment with the POD a little more with amps. 

Just one more question so that I understand how the POD interacts with the power amp of the combo/stack: 


Once I have bypassed the pre-amp on the combo/stack, will the settings on the front of the combo/stack regulate the tone and/or output volume, or will the tone and/or output volume be completely regulated by the POD? 


I'm thinking that it is the latter. But I thought I'd ask just to be sure. 


I do know that the power amp depending on what it is will affect the tone a little, as well as the speaker of the stack or combo pushing the air. 


Thanks for the advice and help again!



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hi guys please help me :(

i also bought a Line 6 POD HD 300, i bought 2 months ago but it is functioning very well but after 2 months the channel C is now malfunctioning, every time I press the CH C it will move to the other channel, if i will press it longer it will become a tuner. I will notice that it will malfunction again by noticing the WAH PEDAL RED LIGHT, it will light on its own if that channel will malfuction again, sometimes it is working but sometimes it will not please help me to solve this :,(

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