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How many models of the JTV 69 are there?

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Only just started to read about the JTVs and I'm considering maybe buying one, I really like the look of the 69s, but what's the s mean?

And are these the latest models? Or are the standard the latest models?



Variax noob.

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Brill thanks.

Which one is considered the best sounding?

Already got a Epi Gibson with the Humbuckers so suppose s would give me the best of both worlds?


Thanks again

Who makes the best cheese cloth?


It's all subjective...either way, it's basically a Strat, the only difference being the bridge pickup.


Besides, if you're interested in the guitar, I assume it's the modeling and/or alt tunings you're after, in which case you won't be using the mags pickups anyway. They're really just there so that it's still a functional guitar if the fancy electronics crap out on you, or the battery dies, you can still finish the set with a working instrument.

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The modeling side of all JTV and Standard Variaxes is the same. The modeling system relies on internal piezo pickups, not the magnetic pickups. The Standard is the most recent model designed/produced by Line 6. But all JTV and Standard Variaxes run the same firmware, so the technology inside is the same. The original line of Variax guitars, the ones without magnetic pickups, can't run the latest firmware. From that technical perspective, those guitars could be considered "out of date." But all modern Variax guitars (including the Standard and 69s) are identical on the inside.

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Great info guys thankyou very much,do you rate them?

I have a Amplifi atm, but I'm considering the Firehawk Fx and heard this plays well with the Variax?


I just think that if I was lucky enough to own several brand guitars I probably wouldn't play them all and have a favourite.

So it might be a waste of money and space, bit having the Variax might get me somewhere near having them all in one?


Yes I know it wouldn't be the same as owning the real thing.But with my limited playing ability,might just be all I need?

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