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Problem with Spider IV 30

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This is the first time I've posted to this forum.  We've had a Spider IV 30 for about 2 years.  It has the 4 channel foot pedal that comes with it.  We don't drive the thing hard at all.  Recently, after playing for 10-15 minutes, it goes a bit haywire.  Spontaneously, the effect light and channel light will start to toggle and the effect might even change.  We've been able to see that it only happens when the pedal is plugged in.  I've changed the Ethernet cable and it still happens.  It is not that the thing spontaneously changes channels.  Say you are on channel A which is programmed to Insane.  What happens is the effect will change to Clean and that light will come on, the channel A light will go off, then it will go back on.  If you power cycle, everything is okay for a bit.


Help, is the pedal dead already?



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Did you check the socket pins for the cable (amp and pedal)?  Sometimes these get bent. 

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