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Spider IV 150 turn off/on Trouble SINCE 4 YEARS AGO


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Well... First of all. Excuse my english, im spanish speaker, so i'll do my best.

I bought this amp years 4 or 5 years ago. I used it without a problem for months, i was happy... Then, while i was playing, it starts to turn off and on while i was playing LIVE on a gig.

I looked around here, and there, for a solution and i didnt find it. Some people had this problem with their Spiders, so i wrote to some guys with this issue (In this forum) and they told me that couldnt find a soluticion. They said "I didn't get mine fixed.. I took it back to where I bought it and got a refund".

The lollipop thing is, im from VENEZUELA and bought this amp in USA and Line 6 dont exist here! So i cant take it back and get refund, i cant send this amp to Line 6 to technical support or whatever... And still didnt find a fukin' post, tutorial, video, or whatever to fix this lollipop.

I really feel stolen from Line 6. 

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It's too bad that you waited all this time to explore options.  If you had contacted Line 6 technical people, by starting a repair ticket, they would have advised to ship it to a repair center.  The closest one to you is in Columbia:

La Colonial

Carrera 7 No 57-43

Bogota Cundiamarca


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