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POD HD Pro X Balanced vs. Unbalanced Outputs


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I picked up a POD HD Pro X for sure in my home studio and have it connected to my TASCAM US-1800 interface via the unbalanced outputs on the back of the POD.  I'm curious whether it would be better to use the balanced outputs instead?  I read in the manual that the unbalanced outputs will sum to mono when using only one of them, but the balanced outputs will not.  I typically record guitar in mono so I'm wondering if switching to the balanced outputs will mean that I can no longer use both left and right coming from the POD?


Are there any other advantages/disadvantages of using balanced vs. unbalanced outputs to connect to an interface?


Thanks in advance.

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There is no real difference between balanced and unbalanced cables over short distances such as your studio. Over longer distances, like a cable snake from the stage to the soundboard during a gig balanced cables are better.


As for stereo, yes - if you use only one of the XLR outputs to your DAW you will only get half the signal. To get the full signal you would have to use both XLR outputs. In that case you would record in stereo or use a stereo-mono adapter (which is essentially what the unbalanced L output does when used alone).

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