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Tap tempo question


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I want the tap tempo to generally stay at 120 beats per minute for all patches.

If I stomp the tap tempo button during a song (say, to sync my delay with the beat), I want the rest of the patches to stay at 120 bpm, and I want that patch to revert to 120 bpm when I unplug the Pod and plug it back in.

Right now I in the System Settings I have Tempo Sync set to "Global" and the Tempo set to 120 bpm.

Are those the correct settings for what I outlined above, trying to keep all patches at 120 bpm every time I turn the unit on?

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You can try this:


1) set tap tempo sync to "Preset" in the System Settings.

2) In each patch, set manually the tempo to 120 bpm and save it.(I remember this is on page 6 of the setup -midi/tempo)

3) If during a song, you change the speed with the tap tempo button (because it's necessary) you don't have to worry because if you change to another patch or go back the speed will always be 120.  (note: you must avoid to save the patch if you change the speed)


Personally, I prefer to sync the tempo to "preset". 



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I have my "stock" personal/band presets that start this way.


If I have a deviation, ie; flange phaser on the Mod effect, I copy/paste to another location and only change that one effect along with its associate parameters.


I have a number of presets that I use which are named according to the song, but they all start out this way.


Keep a bank as a "control" or "source" bank, meaning, you never change these presets, but only copy "from" them to another location.  Make the edits in the new location and name it according to its need, ie; song name or other.


Back them up on hard drive, and USB Thumb drive.

I have my presets in my pocket 24/7, and if I showed up to a show with nothing but my guitar and a laptop, I could pull up my presets/sets from that alone.

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