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Volume drop on L3t intermittent?

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Good morning,

I'm having a strange problem with my L3t. At the beginning of a gig, It drops volume by probably half and then after 5 or 10 minutes it usually springs back to normal, sometimes if it doesn't, I can overdrive the input on the side mixer unit which will get it started again. It goes through this procedure at the beginning of every gig, then for the rest of the gig it's brilliant.  Also I have noticed the green led input seems go dim during the volume drop? It mostly seems to be on channel 1.
Have you any ideas I could check?  I was hoping it might just be a dodgy solder joint, if you could point me in the right direction I would be very very grateful.
I'm coming L/R out of my Ketron Audya Keyboard, into a radial DI box, going balanced L/R into the side mixer on L3t, Linked via L6 connection to L3m. All cables are newly replaced. 
Kind regards
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Hi, could any one tell me the absolute correct way to connect a Ketron Audya keyboard directly to the L3t/L3m speakers, which inputs and exactly what leads to use?(Balanced/unbalanced)? I don't want to use an external mixer, I just want to keep it quick and simple.



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Hi, here I am again, let me tell you about my fantastic sound at a venue on Sunday and Tuesday night performing to 120 people with 1x l3t and 1x l3m line 6 linked, perfect.   Unfortunately, tonight performing at an old folks Christmas party for about 40 people, using just one speaker plugged from keyboard to back line input of l3t in mono, the speaker was muffled one minute crystal clear the next, this went on for two hours, what the heck is wrong with these speakers. To have a tech guy search for an intermittent fault could be very costly, might be cheaper to sell and start again with another manufacturer.

Any ideas for a fix would be gratefully received, or indeed for replacement speaker suggestions.


I'm a solo performer, keyboard/singer, I come mono from my keyboard to the line input on the back of the speaker, straight forward and yet so problematic, I have used DI boxes between key's and speaker (didn't like the sound) I have also tried the side panel mixer on the l3t (again seemed to be unstable)


I'm not able to check the firmware as suggested above, I've not got a M20d mixer. 


Thanks in advance

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Sorry Line 6, the fault above has been intermittent and it turns out it may have been a connector block in my Ketron Audya keyboard.

I've had the keyboard in pieces and cleaned every terminal and connector block, So far no reoccurring problem, fingers crossed, problem solve.


And may I say these l3t/l3m speakers are fantastic. I would love to have the matching l3s, unfortunately my ageing back won't allow it.

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I'm thinking I have to get both lt3 repaired now...  Like a popping noise going on . When instrument plugged into channel 1 accoustic modeling.   Guitar.

The other one is in and 2nd one just started doing the same thing..  there seams to be a loss of volume aswell.

Noise buttons I usually keep on.

Any suggestions would be great.

I find it odd.


I love these but now im worried.

I have a warrenty at least.on both

I is at long and mquade Victoria.

I have no registered these yet.




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