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Switching from hardware dependent to hardware independent Pod Farm in Cubase.

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I have been using hardware dependent Pod Farm with my TonePort UX2 for the last few years to record guitar into Cubase. I now want to sell my physical TonePort audio interface but still use the Pod Farm software in Cubase to process the 'dry' guitar. I am aware that to do this I need to purchase the hardware independent version of Pod Farm separately. However I am concerned that I will then lose the tones I am using in Cubase projects as the hardware independent version will be a separate plugin in Cubase rather than just authorising the existing Pod Farm without the hardware if that makes sense?


Any help on this is much appreciated, thanks. 

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The PF1 tone files (which you were using with the UX2) are fully compatible with PF2 (which is the hardware independent version). You should have no issue.


The reverse is not true - PF2 tone files are not directly compatible with PF1. I suggest you make a backup of all your existing PF1 tone files first. Once you use and save them in PF2 they will be converted to PF2 format.

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