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How to tell if my preamp is dead?

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Looking around, I noticed a few reports of people's mic pres in the Helix burning out/not working anymore due to plugging in mics with the +48v option on and I'm fairly sure I've done that a few times in the past before  :(  


When I throw the Studio Tube Pre into my signal chain, I have to put the level and gain at essentially 10 to get a usable signal. On top of that, my "Mic In Gain" selection in the global settings doesn't make a discernible difference whether it's at +0db or +60db. 


I've started using a dedicated phantom power unit box and left the switch on the Helix off, but there's no difference in volume or tone. 


This has been my go-to piece of equipment since December and I really hope that I'm just mentally deficient and am just missing a setting somewhere, and that my gear isn't completed screwed. 



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I have to do that too with my AKG P420 condenser. I was thinking something is wrong with the mic. That mic is 200 ohm impedance and the AKG site recommends a preamp with a minimum 1000 ohm impedance. I'm not sure what the impedance if the Helix mic pre is.

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