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Helix rack Foot control and freezing


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Well its been a long road trying to figure out my problem but i think i may have found the answer. When i upgraded to FW 2.0 the unit started freezing randomly, normally it would do it on a adjustment of the editor. After talking to line 6 support and many hours of flashing and going back to other FW there was no fixing the problem, it would now freeze on the older FW versions. line 6 replaced the unit and after a week of use the new unit started to freeze just as the old one did. So last night I flashed it on another pc (without the foot controller) because I have 3.0 usb on the helix pc and I had read there were so problems with that. I left it on the other pc and messed around with the editor and left it on for a couple hrs.


It worked fine, no freezes. Then I put it back on the helix pc and connected the foot controller. Updated the foot controller FW and started testing. About 45 mins in it froze. Very frustrated at this point as how can 2 different units do the exact same thing? Well I Flashed 2.01 FW again and the same outcome. Then I stumbled on a factory patch that would freeze the unit every time I would make an adjustment on the editor or the helix itself. The patch was hellish cowboys. Then I thought to shut the foot controller off and try it. Well I've been running it for 4 or more hrs with no freezing. Used the hellish cowboys patch and made many changes with the editor and no freezing. I believe the problem now to be the helix controller and not the helix rack, probably not the other rack either. Hopefully I have found the answer.

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