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Spider IV 75 Flash Update - Error opening MIDI ports


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Hi - I'm trying to apply the flash memory update to my Spider IV 75 using Line6 Monkey, but after accepting the license agreement, I keep getting an error saying:  "Error opening MIDI ports.  (Code 8000900C) MIDI device timed out waiting for a respose."


I'm using a PC with Windows 7, and connecting through an FBV Shortboard MKII.


This is my first time connecting my amp to a computer.  Any help is appreciated.

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I've tried every USB port on two laptops, both running Win 7.  On one, I have two ports that Spider Monkey will recognize both my amp and the FBV, but I get the same error.  The third port only recognized the FBV.  On my second laptop, Spider Monkey won't recognize any device.


The drivers show installed when I plug in the USB cable, so not sure what's going on.  Here's the process I'm following:


Amp is connected to FBV.  Turn off amp.  Connect FBV to my computer.  After the USB driver installs, turn on the amp.  Launch Line6 Monkey.



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