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ext amp switching on mesa dual rectifier


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hi,just got a helix and there is a problem with external switching on mesa dual rec.


Selecting either 1,2 or 1 and 2 in the options just causes amp to switch between the 2 channels insanely fast sounding like the relay in the amp is switching fast.


i know alot of users are complaining about this problem on other amps but seems im the first to highlight it on a dual rectifier.


i have been using a boss gt-10 and tbh honest im feeling a bit disapointed with the helix so far,feels ive gone backwards.


im using the 4cm and it works great but i cant use the clean channel on my dual rec and am using the jazz rivet pre-amp with no cab, it sounds great tbh but feels like im wasting a 3 channel amp because of line 6!!!!


any ideas would be great


cheers guys



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