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Heavy fuzz pedal in front of Helix?


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Hello all,


Does anyone have experience with successfully using heavy fuzz pedals in front of Helix, that is, between the Guitar and Helix?

I have a Big Muff Pi and a Black Arts LSTR, which I desperately try to make work the same way in Helix as they do in an amp, but no matter what I do, the sound chokes completely and buttons on the pedal such as Tone, becomes totally unresponsive, and generally produces a very undesirable sound.

As a note, I am trying to achieve at fat, deep, dirty and gritty stoner/sludge/doom tone, so the pedal needs to be cranked up a lot (this might be part of the problem?) I can't reproduce the sound I want with Helix's own fuzzes, so this is why I'm looking to my old trusty analog fuzzes.

Does anybody have some good tricks and suggestions to what settings I might have to fiddle with, to make these pedals behave better? Any help would be much appreciated. :-)



Maybe not the best example, but this is kinda what I would like to come close to by using my Big Muff in front of the Helix:

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