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Helix Looper - can I store loop-phrase(s)


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It appears to me that I can record and play a loop as long as I'm in the tone patch only. After switching to another tone patch or after switching off my Helix, the phrase is gone.


Is there a possibility to store a loop-phrase assigned to a patch, so that I could record a loop at home and call (play) it on stage while playing a second phrase live?

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You can retain a loop among different patches as long as all involved patches have the same type (mono/stereo) Looper block in their signal chain.


You cannot retain recorded loops between power cycles.


thanks for your reply.  I'm not shure, whether I really got you right.


When I switch off Helix and switch it on next time, it is another "power cycle" and the loop is gone. Correct?


I'm creating patches by song and their setup is of course different. Only few songs contain the looper block. I understand, that as soon as I switch to another patch (Song), which does not have the looper block, the loop is gone. So, when I go back to the previous patch (Song) with the looper block, the loop ist NOT retained. Right? So I could not even record my loop during a soundcheck and then later, when it comes to the relevant song, start the loop.

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Yes, maybe it is. My point were more for the Ideascale part of it.

The Helix does not have any hardware capabilities as of now to store the loops, but one of my suggestions were that it could be stored via the USB somehow.

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