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Toneport UX8 Freezing then won't turn off!

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Hi, I know there's a guy with a similar issue to me in another topic, which I've replied to, but I thought I'd post something myself in case someone can give me an answer more directly/quickly.


The first time I tried using it I had a bass guitar plugged directly in and was getting some levels in Logic ready to record, all was working fine, I was getting sound and levels on the front of the device. But, for seemingly no reason, the device randomly froze up, the VUs stopped moving and the sound cut out. Not only that but pressing the power button did nothing, it remained lit up. I even left it like that for a while to see if it might sort itself out but nothing. Finally, I just had to switch off the main power at the wall and then it turned off. 


I'm nowhere near a service centre, unfortunately, so if anyone's got any advice or maybe encountered this problem before and fixed it and could help, I'd be hugely grateful!!


Many thanks, 



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Hi, MrColon. First of all, I'sorry for can't help you to solve your problem!! I'm from Brazil and I'm looking for some information about LINE 6 Tone Port UX8.

Unfortunately, here in Brazil, LINE 6 Technical Assistance are very hard to find a good one!! My problem is: I bought a UX8 by someone who told me it was stop working after a fail in the energy system. I have some knowledge in Eltronic service, but I don't have any information about the layout or schematic diagram for UX8.. I'd like to know if you can help me, send me some pictures from you UX8 main board, because I'm supposed the guy take off some components.

I'd be happy if you could spend a little time to help me!! 


I'm sorry for my bad english.. I hope you can understand my text!! Good luck in your problem!!!

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