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G10: powering the receiver


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I just got the G10 in today. First impression= impressive!


How are people powering the receiver?

I don't want to run the micro USB>usb > 2 prong outlet during band jams/shows


I have a Volto that has 9v outputs- I could get an 5v>9v usb adapter. Anyone know of one that has a short short cable?


Or maybe a lipstick usb charger? I think I saw that on a line6 video somewhere last week. Any insight onto which one appreciated!

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I use Line 6's provided transformer when using the G10 with either of my main Fender Mustang v.2 III and IV amps. With my Yamaha THR10C (which I run on battery power), to keep everything portable, I power the G10 from a LimeFuel high capacity (15,600 mah) USB Battery Pack.

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Here's a solution, a German company called Palmer do a high capacity 9 volt battery pack, like a souped up pedaltrain volto, but here's the twist, it also has a 5volt USB output. It's called the Batpack 8000. It fits under any pedaltrain board including the nano and runs the G10 receiver without a hitch.

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