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M13 FX1 knobs randomly jump in value

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Hi all, 


I recently purchased an M13 unit, but one of the effect channels is giving me this unusual jumps in parameter value


please check the video...




Has anyone experienced this before? any Idea about how this could be resolved??



Many thanks!!!




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Hi, Fred,


You are not alone.  I and two of my friends are experiencing similar problem with our M9s.  Our problem is that M9 sometimes recognizes the settings of the knobs incorrectly, and the parameters jump around.  I had given mine to the authorized dealer for about a month, but the problem didn't emerge.  They said they cleaned the contact.  The problem persists even after I received it from the dealer.


I've been using my M9 with my basses for a couple of years and I love the sound of the many of the effects, but this problem is really frustrating.  I'm not sure the manufacturer recognizes the problem, and I'm not sure if that can be solved by the firmware update.

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mine is doing this aswell, only on the first effects channel.


tried resetting the unit, to no avail.

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