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Controlling Pod Hd500 With A Midi Floor Controller


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I am hoping that someone can help me. I've had an HD500 for awhile now and have only just tried to use it with my old midi controller (Yamaha MFC10), and can't for the life of me get it at all to change presets on the POD. I am beginning to think that the midi input just doesn't work on the POD and never has (faulty), unless someone can tell me that there is some sort of hidden setup required to enable me to do this. All I want to be able to do is change the presets on the current setist. From what I can gather, it should be as simple as patch 0 = 1A, patch 1 = 1B, patch 2 = 2B etc. I also believe that it should be done using midi program changes = 0, 1, 2,  etc,  you only need midi CC's to change the setlist. I have even tried connecting the Yamaha to the POD, and then using the thru on the POD to connect to some other external midi devices to see if it is taking the signal and passing it on and it isn't. The cable and floor controller are fine when I plug it into other rack gear. I've checked midi channels (I believe the POD is supposed to receive on channel one) Using the POD as a midi controller is fine, the midi out works correctly


I have updated the HD500 to the latest firmware and still the same.


The reason I want to do the above is the lack of midi control from the POD. I want to sit my POD on top of my rack and control it and other rack gear from a dedictated midi controller so I can do more complicated switching for the other rack gear that can't be achieved using the POD as a midi controller.


Many thanks



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Yeah, you might want to reflash the firmware, because while the midi implementation sucks, changing from one patch to the next should work at least. and it's more like 1=1A, 2=1B, 3=1C, 4=1D, 5=2A, etc. when it comes to changing presets/patches, so perhaps you changing patches expecting it work in banks of 10 like your foot controller, but it's banks of 4. Once you wrap your head around that logic, that it's banks of 4 from A-D, it's easy to set up patches in a way that works for you, and it will make more sense to you as well as your presets will be where you want/expect them.

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