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JTV69 - Alt Tuning Problem - Variax forgets alt tuning

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I've had the JTV69 for about 18 months - and it's developed a problem, any suggestions would be gratefully received.


Alternative tunings misbehave. I generally use the preset alt tunings (other than changing the baritone to an open E). Worked fine up until now.


A few days ago  I noticed most of the tunings were screwed up

- some had moved to different positions on the Alt tuning switch

- some had just changed to a random tuning


Also the at tuning "roller" switch is behaving a bit odd, I move it to some tunings it lights white - others it lights blue.... I can't actually remember what it used to do - I think it lit white for all tunings.


So I set the tunings back to standard using the "create custom alternate tunings" method from the pilots guide. This worked, but next day they were screwed up again.


I re-installed the latest firmware using line6 monkey - didn't make any difference

I usually power the guitar from an XPS footswitch - but I tried using the battery - no difference


- So anybody had any similar problems?

- Any suggestions?






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Well you already tried re-flashing the firmware. If that didn't help, it's not likely that there's much else you can do. Once these things go on tilt, there ain't much you can do beyond what you've already tried. It sounds like the switch itself may be the problem, rather than the firmware. Open a service ticket and see what they tell you.

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Hey hhyndman


Sorry about your trouble... Once you get your problem worked out, for future reference, the tuning roller will light blue for any default tuning that has been modified or replaced by a custom tuning... handy for 'visually' getting to custom tunings.


Here are the default tunings for the JTV69


STANDARD:           E, A, D, G, B, E
DROP D:                 D(-2), A(-1), D(-1), G(-1), B(-1), E(-1)
1/2 DOWN (all -1):  Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb
DROP Db:               Db(-3), Ab(-1), Db(-1), Gb(-1), Bb(-1), Eb(-1)
1 DOWN(all -2):       D, G, C, F, A, D
DADGAD:                D(-2), A, D, G, A(-2), D(-2)
OPEN D:                  D(-2), A, D, F#(-1), A(-2), D(-2)
BLUES G:                D(-2), G(-2), D, G, B, D(-2)
RESO G:                  G(+3), B(+2), D, G, B, D(-2)
OPEN A:                   E, A, C#(-1), E(-3), A(-2), E
BARITONE (all -5):   B, E, A, D, F#, B


I hope this helps





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Unplug the main connector on the mother board and reset it, make sure all the wires are not in the same area bundled up together,

mine had this issue and the pressure from the wire bundle hitting the cover plate to the compartment was pushing the connection to one side and it caused my alt tunings to be all different and and unstable. This came out of the blue one day after 1 year of no problems. Found out why it was doing this after ordering a JTV89 mother board from Full Compass as my guitar is out of warranty. I installed it and same problem happened. I then worked on it and thats when I found the issue with the wire bundle. I seperated the bundle by spreading them apart, put the original mother board back in and Ta Da.... That fixed it and 6 months later still no problem.

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