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lollipop YOU LINE 6, AND lollipop YOUR SPIDER AMPS


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lollipop you line 6... After 6 years i couldnt fix my Spider IV 150w... It just came with fabric issue, it restarts ramdonly and you NEVER EVER said NOTHING to your customers about this issue that SO MANY people had with their amps. (It seems like a Main Board issue.. Oh... The brain of the amp...) 

And so many people just take it back, but i couldnt do that because i bought it in USA when i was traveling, but im from Venezuela, so, take back the amp to store or to the technical support was more expensive than the amp. 

Really, just lollipop you... I'll never buy anything Line 6 in my lollipoping entire life, and i'll say it to every guitarist i know... I bought your lollipoping publicity, your digital lollipop and lights, but not an amp...

Just got my new FENDER BLUES JR 15w TUBE AMP months ago and let me tell you, it was cheaper (500$) and IT IS lollipopING AWESOME, sound A LOOOOOOT BETTER and its loud as lollipop

If you are reading this, and looking for an amp... DONT BUY line6 amps if you want to be a serious guitarist, dont let them mesmerize with all their desing and lollipop... if you have a budget, and want an amp for LIFETIME, really, just look for another options. Out there you can find awesome solid state or tube amps for the same price (or even cheaper).

Thanks for stole my lollipoping money (Spider IV 150w + Fbv Shortboard MKII = 700$ 6 years ago), and goodbye line6 forum


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Haha, great translation device you're using!  It's too bad you had an issue with your amp - you should have contacted L6 and used this help board when you first noticed the problem, instead of waiting so long.

Buying a product from outside your country does have inherent risks - and whatever problem you had may have in fact been caused by damage to it when transported (I assume you had this packed up and shipped in a plane's cargo hold).

As I pointed out to you on your last post, the closest service center to your country was Bogata, Columbia.  If you had contacted Line 6 when the product was still under warranty, that would have been the closest location for warranty service.  There are also service centers in Ecuador, Panama, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.


The Blues Jr is a fine amp, but it does not have the same volume or capabilities as the Spider amp and many buyers switch out the speaker and tubes for better ones.  Good luck with it.

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Haha, great translation device you're using! .......

If it's the word 'lollipop' you're referring to, that's done by the Line 6 website itself. It automatically replaces every profanity with the word lollipop.


Here's a demonstration based on an old skit by the late great George Carlin:

"There are seven words you can't say on television - lollipop, lollipop, lollipop, lollipop, lollipop, lollipop, and lollipop."


As for this thread, I think we should just ignore it. The OP has already said goodbye and surely no one else is interested in this blather.

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