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DT 50 discontinued?


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I'm fairly certain they're done with those two amps. 

I'm not sure how that makes them 'doomed' though. 


Perhaps they're working on a followup that integrates with the Helix better than the DT amps do. 


I think the DT amps were fighting an uphill battle against the people that hate modeling, but every one of those people I've actually put in front of it has changed their minds. 


It's also important to note that Yamaha acquired Line 6 after the DT series was released. It shouldn't be much of a surprise when a company shifts its product focus. 


The DT amps are still great and won't stop working just because they've been discontinued. Hopefully they're working on a sequel amp line. 


EDIT: Sweetwater still has the DT25, for whatever that's worth. 

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I don't think I'll ever get rid of my DT50HD. If it breaks I'll probably try to get it fixed, even if I've got to send it back to Line 6. Of course, there are limitations. I really like the versatility and sound of it too. I'd hate to see it discontinued. I would love to se it improved.

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They still sell them NEW at the major chains. I know cause I just bought one for a sweet deal! 


That's cool glad there's someone else around that has some to sell. Line 6 isn't going to make anymore of them though. So ya got to get them while they got them.

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