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HD500X not in drop down list of Line 6 Monkey


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Hello guys!


I purchased a HD500X 2months ago. It was sooooooo freakin' awesome!!!!!!

But, when I was about to update the firmware...

Line 6 Monkey 1.72 does not have HD500X on its list.

So I am not able to connect my POD to Monkey... and so I'm unable to perform updates...

I've tried the HD500Xedit and it was working well.

I'm able to copy paste save patches and set lists.

The USB cable is good, the HD500X driver is installed and working properly.

Too bad I couldn't update to the latest firmware because Line 6 Monkey is not recognizing HD500X.

I've tried re-installing Monkey 1.72 then the other previous versions 1.71 -----> 1.63 but all of them does the same thing.

They don't recognize HD500X.

Its still not listed in the drop down list.


What else can be done to sort this out?

Has anyone tried to connect their HD500X thru MIDI? Will it work despite the not listed problem in Monkey?


Hope to hear from you guys soon! thanks! :)




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Yup I've already installed the HD500X driver. The computer already detects HD500x. The only problem is in the Line 6 Monkey software. In HD500X edit software its working good.

This certainly is a new one on me. Have you sent a support ticket to Line 6 yet?
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Strange one. You might be able to narrow things down by running the monkey program with the HD turned off. Is the HD500X listed in there now? If it is, it could be something peculiar with the HD500X. Otherwise it could be an unknown software problem with your computer and the monkey program.

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